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New Color "Milky White"

We will add a new color "Milky White (Code: M)" to the product lineup of the resin pipe support bracket "resin band". We will start producing various products from July 4, 2022.

■ Photos

■ Size

KFBS01 Plastic saddle band for lifting pipe(Φ18〜60mm)

KFBS02 Plastic saddle pedestal for lifting pipe(1〜6)

KFBS03 Plastic band(Φ18〜60mm)

KFBS04 Plastic T-bracket

KFBS05 Plastic vertical bracket(Φ16×50〜150L)

KFBS06 Plastic vertical pedestal(Φ16)

KFBS10 Plastic bolts&nuts(M6×28L)

KFBS11 Plastic hanging band(Φ18〜60mm)

KFBS13 Plastic vertical band set(Φ18〜60mm、H35〜150L)

■ Advantages

This color is "soft white color" that matches the walls of ordinary houses that use warm fluorescent lamps, so you can use it as a resin pipe support bracket that does not spoil the aesthetics of the room.

■ Usage

Stainless steel pipes (gas flexible pipes)

Various resin pipes (VE pipes, PF pipes) etc.

■ About us

We manufacture and sells piping supports & hangers specializing in resin bands. We have been manufactured for over 50 years, and our products have been used for piping suport & hangers parts in hot water supply equipment and air conditioning equipment, gas equipment, etc. From 2022, we will introduce new colors to match the needs for maintaining the aesthetics of more indoor piping. We will manufacture and sell high-quality and cost-effective products.

Corporate name:Koueikasei Yamanashi Factory Co., Ltd.

Representative:Yoshihiko Kurasawa (CEO)

Address:1671, Kawaguchi, Fujikawaguchiko-machi, Minamitsuru-gun, Yamanashi, 401-0304, Japan

Established:Jan 29th 1971

Business content:Manufacture and sale of resin piping supports & hangers


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