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Renewal corporate logo design

We will renew corporate logo design due to changes in our business content over the medium to long term. The existing logo will be gradually changed to the new logo mark from June 23th, 2022.

■ New corporate logo design

 Before                 After

■ Background

We have been manufacturing piping supports & hangers specializing in resin bands for more than half a century.

There are many overseas-made products in the niche product category of resin piping support supports & hangings, but in addition to the high quality and stable supply produced by our own factories in Japan, we are overwhelmingly competitive with overseas-made products.

Achieves cost performance. We have changed the logo design for rebranding because we have changed our direction to focus on the manufacture and sale of resin piping supports & hangings over the medium to long term.

■ Corporate Color

We have changed to a gentle and bright blue color motif of piping & water.

■ Symbol mark

The symbol mark with the motif of the main product "plastic saddle bands for lifting pipe" is a combination of the initial letter "K" of the company name and the "heart mark" that is lovingly manufactured. We have redesigned the symbol mark that has been used since its establishment to match the logo design.

■ About us

We manufacture and sells piping supports & hangers specializing in resin bands. We have been manufactured for over 50 years, and our products have been used for piping suport & hangers parts in hot water supply equipment and air conditioning equipment, gas equipment, etc. From 2022, we will introduce new colors (M: Milky White, G2: Gray) to match the needs for maintaining the aesthetics of more indoor piping. We will manufacture and sell high-quality and cost-effective products.

Corporate name:Koueikasei Yamanashi Factory Co., Ltd.

Representative:Yoshihiko Kurasawa (CEO)

Address:1671, Kawaguchi, Fujikawaguchiko-machi, Minamitsuru-gun, Yamanashi, 401-0304, Japan

Established:Jan 29th 1971

Business content:Manufacture and sale of resin piping supports & hangers




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