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Plastic Mounting T-Bracket


Plastic Mounting T-Bracket lift pipe by 35mm. The pipe is raised to prevent dust accumulation and corrosion on the mounting surface.

●For plastic pipe clamp to mount on the wall or floor.
●Fix the pipe with a height of 35mm.
●Only compatible with platic pipe clamp width “25mm”
●Without anti-vibration rubber: -60.5φ
    With anti-vibration rubber: -54φ
●Made of ABS resin


Plastic Mounting Bracket


Plastic Mounting Bracket (KFBS05). For stand-off pipe clamp and double pipe clamp. Available from 50L to 200L.

●For plastic pipe clamp to mount on the wall.
●50L/100L/150L: ABS resin
    75L/125L: ABS resin (with cap joint)
    200L: PVC resin (pipe)|ABS resin (cap joint)


Plastic Pedestal


Plastic mounting bracket for stand-off pipe clamp bracket. Please use hard plastic adhesive to adhere to the plastic mounting leg.

●For plastic mounting bracket on the wall. 
●Made of ABS resin


Plastic Pipe


PVC plastic pipe for stand-off clamp bracket or double pipe clamp. You can easily cut it to your desired length.

●Attach plastic cap joint to use as a mounting bracket.
●Made of PVC resin.


Plastic Cap Joint


Plastic cap (KFBS08). Connection cap for vertical piping and parallel pipe clamp. Made of ABS resin. Please use hard plastic adhesive to connect to the plastic round leg.

●For pipe clamp with bracket set and double pipe clamp.
●Made of ABS resin


Plastic Mount


Plastic universal mount can be used as camera mount and hanger from the ceiling. Made of ABS resin. The bolt diameter is W3/8.

●For Camera mount and hanger from the ceiling.
●Bolt Diameter: W3/8
●Made of ABS resin (hexagonal nut: iron/Unichrome)


*We can also consult with you about changing the standard of the internal hexagonal nut (metric thread/M10) or changing the material (SUS316/SUS304 etc.).

Plastic Bolt and Nut Set


Plastic bolt and nut set (KFBS10). A set of hexagonal bolt (half-threaded) and hexagonal nut. M6 x 28mm is made of ABS resin, M8 x 40mm, the bolt is made of nylon resin, and the nut is made of POM resin.

●Hexagonal bolt (half thread) and hexagonal nut.
●[M6×28] ABS resin [M8×40] Bolt: Nylon resin | Nut: POM resin


SUS Bolt and Nut Set


Stainless Bolt and Nut (KFBS20). A set of hexagon socket cap bolt or hexagon bolt (full thread) and hexagon nut. From 2024, two flat washers are also included.

●Stainless steel hexagon bolt(Full thread) and hexagon nut.
●Flat washer x 2Included *From January 2024




For questions regarding products or consultation regarding new business, etc. Please feel free to contact us.

We will respond promptly within 24 hours.

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