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Anti-Vibration Plastic Pipe Clamp with Mount




●Plastic pipe clamp with anti-vibration rubber and plastic mount.
●For Camera mount and supporting and fixing horizontal pipes suspended from the ceiling.
●The bolt diameter is "W3/8".
●For anti-slip and anti-vibration assistance.
●Use weather-resistant grade resin. It has the durability to withstand certain outdoor environments.

●As the resin has moderate elasticity, it can be easily attached and detached from the middle of the pipe.

●Rust-proof. you can use it safely even around water.
●Excellent electrical insulation, wear resistance, heat resistance.


●Plastic pipe clamp
Polypropylene (Weather-resistant grade)
●Anti-vibration rubber
3mm thickness: SBR (styrene butadiene rubber)
5mm thickness: NR (natural rubber)
●Plastic mount
Body: ABS resin
inside Hexagon nut and Plate: Iron (Unichrome plating)
●Plastic bolt and nut M6×28
Hexagonal bolt *Half thread: ABS resin | Hexagonal nut: ABS resin
●Plastic bolt and nut M8×40
Hexagonal bolt *Half thread: Nylon | Hexagonal nut: POM
●SUS bolt and nut M6×30
- Stainless steel (SUS304)
Hexagon socket head bolt *Full thread | Hexagon nut |

Flat washer x 2
●SUS bolt and nut M8×40
- Stainless steel (SUS304)
Hexagonal bolt *Full thread | Hexagonal nut | Flat washer x 2


●Depending on the environment and period of use, such as exposure to direct sunlight or high temperatures, discoloration or deterioration may progress. "Black" is recommended outdoors. *Estimated durability: 7 to 9 years

●Please use in an environment with temperature up to 80℃.

●This product alone does not have a clear effect of reducing vibration transmission rate.

●Please support spacing of hanging piping within 1.5m.

●Please screw the hanging bolt to the deepest point before use.

Small diameter and thick may be difficult to put on and take off.

The thickness of the rubber varies depending on the size.

●Product photos use representative sizes.

●Actual color may differ depending on lighting and sunlight.

●Depending on the size, gate marks may be noticeable.

●Recommended to tighten plastic bolt and nut by hand. If you tighten it too hard with a tool, the resin bolt may break.



Change of standard of hexagonal nut inside plastic turnbuckle (metric thread/M10),
We can also discuss changing the material (SUS316/SUS304 etc.).




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